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Mulders Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Mulders Moving and Storage wants to make your move as simple and as pleasant of an experience as it can be. Please take a look below at some of our useful moving tips to help make your transition to your new location smooth.

This key below can help to determine which tips may be important to you.

Helpfull Moving Tips
Go through personal belongings prior to packing.
Be sure to have enough packing material.
Most companies will allow returns of unused boxes and tape. Check with your mover about return policies.
Move live plants prior to your move.
Riding in moving vans maybe harmful or cause undue stress to plants.
Properly label all boxes with the contents
and proper room placement. This will significantly reduce your unpacking time.
Develop a floor plan for furniture
before your move. Take proper measurements, and ensure space allotments. Remember, time is money. Having a plan will significantly reduce your moving time.
Switch utility services to new address.
Inform electric, disposal, water, newspaper, magazine subscription, telephone and cable companies of your move.
Give a close friend or relative your travel route
and schedule so you may be reached if needed.
Carry important documents, currency and jewelry yourself,
or use registered mail.
Disconnect stereo equipment, computers, and other electronic items.
Wrap and secure cords and wiring.
Reserve the Elevator
If you are moving from, or to, an apartment make sure you reserve the elevator well in advance of your move. Ask the building management about moving restrictions (some apartments have limited time for moving).
Have your large appliances serviced and disconnected.
(Your mover can help you with this detail... ask them in advance!)
Secure parking access for the moving truck.
The closer the better.
Plan your layout
Prepare a plan of where your furniture will be placed in your new residence. Remember the old adage: "Time is Money!"
Finish the packing
If you are doing the packing be sure to have it done before the moving crew arrives. Mark each box with your name and the room where you want it placed.
Dresser Drawers
Dresser drawers can usually be left full. Articles in desks and end tables should be packed. Ask your mover about their policy concerning leaving items in drawers.
Communicate with your mover
Make sure you tell your local mover about the access to your new residence. If the truck must be parked far from the residence it will impact the cost of your move.
Obtain medical and dental records, x-rays and prescription histories.
Ask doctor and dentist for referrals and transfer prescriptions.
Take inventory of your belongings before they're packed.
In the event you need to file an insurance claim later. If possible, take pictures or video tape your belongings. Record serial numbers of electronic equipment.
Fill out change of address order form for post office.
Check your Insurance
Check with your insurance agent to ensure you'll be covered through your homeowner's or renter's policy during the move.
Double check closets, drawers, shelves, attic and garage
Be sure they are empty.