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For customers that need temporary or long term storage of household goods or commercial items, Mulder’s warehouse is perfectly suited for this purpose. Our facility is climate controlled, sprinkler equipped, secure and clean. A complete inventory is performed on all items being stored, including their condition. The items are then padded, wrapped and stored in large wooden pallet boxes, sealed and marked with your information and stacked in our warehouse.

Storage rates are very competitive and Mulder’s can provide you with a quote for your upcoming residential move by calling 800-262-0550 or by using the Quick Quote tool that appears on the home page of this website. Potential storage customers are welcome to tour our storage facility.

For over 65 years, Mulder’s has been committed to delivering the highest quality storage services to the West Michigan area.

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Full Service Storage

Full service storage consists of our crew going to the customer’s address, taking an inventory of the items to be stored, recording their condition and properly packing the items into our truck. The customer is given a copy of the inventoried items and their condition. We then take these items to our climate controlled storage facility. Everything is then padded and stored in large wooden pallet boxes.

Full Service Storage customers have limited access to their stored items and must make an appointment in advance. Customers can make arrangements to have the stored items loaded and delivered to any address. Separate charges shall apply.

For "Full Service Storage", charges are made for warehouse handling and storage. Storage costs will depend on the number of storage vault/s occupied by the customer. Storage contracts are "month-to-month" effective the 1st of the month and pro-ration will be performed upon move-in and move-out dates.

On-Site Storage

Mulder's Moving will provide storage trailers to house goods at your location. This options works well in commercial or short term household applications. Allow our expert consultants to recommend an appropriate type of storage that will best suit your needs.

Storage in Transit

"Storage-in-Transit" occurs when the final destination of the customer's goods or property is not yet ready for immediate occupancy and may be for a period of one (1) day up to a maximum of three (3) days. The customer's goods will be kept locked in our trucks and will accordingly be safely delivered to the customer's final destination.

For a "Storage-In-Transit" shipment, a fixed rate applies and the cost depends on how long the shipment stayed on our trucks.

Commercial Storage

Mulder's climate controlled secure warehouse is also the perfect space for short or long-term commercial storage items such as new or used office furniture, office workstation parts and pieces, files, equipment, skids of various products, record retention, etc.

Mulder's Moving works with a long list of West Michigan companies on an ongoing basis with all of their commercial storage for furniture, equipment, records, etc. in out secure, climate controlled, clean warehouse.

Storage rates are very competitve and Mulder's would supply you with a quote at your request by phone at 800-262-0550 or you can use our Quick Quote on the home page of our website. Potential storage customers are welcome to tour our storage facility upon request.